Chairman’s Message

I’m honoured to introduce to you the Funding for Life Society, whose sole purpose is to help people improve their lives – both physically and Spiritually.

Currently, many proven services that can help people with debilitating health issues, are not covered by Canada’s Universal Health Care plan.  Funding for Life was establish to provide financial aid to those who can’t afford them access to a wide range of innovative, life-changing, nontraditional and natural health care services.

We believe that no one should be denied the chance to live a full and healthy life because they can’t afford the treatment, and if you agree with us, then I encourage you to support our efforts to help others. Together we can offer not just hope, but also a real opportunity for them to regain their health – and thus regain their lives. 

I personally believe we were ‘meant to be spent’ for the benefit of others so I encourage you to join us as we reach out to help those who need some support while they work to regain their health and wholeness.

Thank you for your support.

Stephen Davis